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I've been doing the whole vanlife thing for a LONG time & spent 5 years as what they cool kids call a FULL-TIMER.

If you have spent any amount of time camping in a van you know right away that a good set of window covers makes a huge difference.

Must-Have Van Accessory

Stealth Window Covers

The Wanderful Stealth Window Covers

5 / 5

Limited Timer offer Save $80

These Insulated & Blackout Window Covers are designed to give your van complete privacy and to block 95% of UV Rays keeping your van at the perfect temperature year-round

A perfectly fitting set of window covers that blackout the entire van will give you the best night sleep you have ever had.

Updated June 19, 2024: The Wanderful Campervan Window Covers are on sale now → Click HERE to Save $80 Today.

I know I know you are thinking…

"They are just window covers… what's so special about them?"

KK I'm getting there just hear me out. When I started my window cover journey there were a few things that were important to me. Let's dive in!

What I Looked For

  • Fit & Design To insulate the van these covers needed to be a perfect fit and provide a good seal.
  • Easy To Use You can't forget the van is a vehicle so they need to be quick & easy to put up and take down.
  • Quality This product gets used daily. The quality & materials need to stand up to long-term use.
  • Performance It doesn't just matter how good they look — they need to help control the temperature of your van.

Make sense? Now let's break things down and go over the 5 reasons you will love these window covers for your camper van.

1. Easiest Way to Keep Your Van Cool

Stay Cool
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Tired of the scorching sun turning your van into a sauna? These window covers with foil-faced insulation reflect up to 95% of UV rays keeping your van cooler during the hot summer months.

These Shades Block 95% of UV Rays

If you are like me and use your van in the Summer & Winter then you know it's not just about keeping your van warm in the winter. You also need a product that's going to help keep your van cool in the summer!

With these window covers the insulation inside them is foil faced on both sides which reflects most of the UV Rays from getting into the van and causing it to get uncomfortably hot in the summer.

2. Complete Blackout for Safety, Security & The Best Camping Sleeps of Your Life

Window Cover Safety
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These covers are machine-cut and held in place with the strongest magnets, giving you a perfect seal & complete blackout privacy. You'll feel safe and secure wherever you choose to camp!

I can't tell you how many times I've been sitting in my van minding my own business and had someone walk straight up to the window, cup their hands around their face, and stare directly into my van. Just think: if I've had this happen to me time and time again, how many times has it happened when I'm nowhere near my van?

3. Stay Warm All Winter

Stay Warm
Source: The Wanderful

Do you love winter? Chasing Snow & Camping in Ski Hill Parking Lots? Then The Wanderful Window Covers are built for you.

They are insulated with double-sided foil-faced insulation to stop heat loss through your vehicle windows and prevent condensation. Keeping your van toasty warm even when it's -20C outside.

When winter camping in your van you know that the windows are the hardest area to stop heat loss.

The Wanderful Window Covers are designed to create a perfect fit that simulates having a dual pane window and creates an air barrier.

(I'm not going to get technical here but air barriers are good.)

This is what stops condensation from forming & all that precious heat from escaping out the large van windows.

Tested & Approved

I'm from Canada and when I say I'm from Canada I'm talking about the freezing cold part… yeah -30C cold.

I've traveled all over North America in my van and been comfortable in temperatures ranging from -13F up to 80F.

Grab Your Blackout Privacy Shades Today

4. Made Using Marine-Grade Materials

Source: The Wanderful

These shades are built using Automotive- & Marine-Grade Materials. They also have a 2-Year Workmanship Warranty. These things are made to last.

Comes with a 2-Year Workmanship Warranty.

They are constructed with UV-Resistant Materials & Stitching so they won't break down over time when left in the sun for years on end.

  • Water & Mold Resistant Materials
  • Foil-Faced Automotive Insulation
  • UV Resistant Stitching
  • N52 Rare Earth Magnets
  • Polyurethane UV Coated Material

5. Install in Seconds

Install In Seconds
Source: The Wanderful

When van camping, things need to be quick & easy. These shades take no time to install: you just unfold them and they snap into place with the embedded magnets.

  • Unpack
  • Unfold
  • Click In Place

Test them out risk-free for 30 days

Want to give The Wanderful Stealth Shades a try?

I am confident you'll never want to hit the road without them. But If for some reason you find that the shades aren't right for you, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

So what do you have to lose?

Money Back Guarantee
Source: The Wanderful

Over +3100 Happy Campers!

Vanlifers everywhere are falling in love with The Wanderful blackout window covers. Their perfect fit, marine-grade materials, & fast shipping are making them a staple in the vanlife community.

Wanderful Happy Customers
Source: The Wanderful

The shades are phenomenal quality, completely black-out my cabin, pack up and stow in a very compact way, and install when I am stopped for the night very easily with crazy-strong magnets

Grab Your Blackout Privacy Shades Today

Bottom line

I know it's pretty obvious by now, but just in case you still needed some convincing: The Wanderful Window Covers are the real deal.

If you spend any time in your van, winter or summer, then a set of these should be on the top of your wish list. If you grab a pair today The Wanderful has a sale going on and you can save yourself $80.

Must-Have Van Accessory

Stealth Window Covers

The Wanderful Stealth Window Covers

5 / 5

Limited Timer offer Save $80

These Insulated & Blackout Window Covers are designed to give your van complete privacy and to block 95% of UV Rays keeping your van at the perfect temperature year-round


Most Helpful

Casey H

Sun Apr 2, 2023

5 / 5

I am so grateful TWC is making covers for Transits now! I got a full set and they provide so much peace of mind on the road. They've made a difference in both below 0º weather and over 80º heat which is both challenging conditions for me in the van typically. They help a lot with temp control and block light better than any other covers I've had thanks to the design that had a border overlapping the edge of the windows. I also thought the fan cover was just a nice-to-have but it helps me run my heater significantly less in cold temps. Love these and am excited to have them for a long time!

Daniel F.

Thu Mar 30, 2023

5 / 5

The improvement the covers bring to the van as far as privacy and insulation are tremendous. Even my fiance couldn't picture how much of an effect it would have until we got them. So huge thanks for saving me from figuring out how to cut+sew my own haha. We do love the window covers and we will be posting them soon and tagging you guys!


Wed Mar 8, 2023

5 / 5

We were originally going to DIY some window covers, and we're so glad we got these instead. We've seen a lot of vanlifers try to sew some themselves, and it never goes well. These high-quality shades are absolutely worth the investment. Installation takes literal seconds, and the magnets securely hold the covers in place. I love that they fold up small and close nicely with a Velcro strap. Storage space is so valuable in our small living space. My favorite part is the insulation that helps regulate the temperature in our van, whether we're in a hot or cold climate. We will be using these every single day!


Tue Mar 7, 2023

5 / 5

We can't believe how well made they are and all the privacy they provide. In a high heat area we in now — they actually help keep the temperature down a few degrees — much cooler than not covering the windows. We also like they fold up and are still secured to the door window frames. Great design and totally block light from escaping the van at night.

Jan C.

Sat Mar 4, 2023

5 / 5

We live in Arizona and have to park our van outside. These are a game changer for our Promaster 2500!!! I can't believe how dark the van gets inside. It's very well insulated now 🙌


Wed Feb 22, 2023

5 / 5

I love the quality and with summer coming they're very important for the dog considering the heat down there.

Erin V.

Tue Feb 21, 2023

5 / 5

I am loving my new window covers! I have a 2018 Ram Promaster and live primarily in a city, so having fully blackout shades are a game changer and make me feel so much safer.

Reviews sourced from verified The Wanderful customers.

Must-Have Van Accessory

Stealth Window Covers

The Wanderful Stealth Window Covers

5 / 5

Limited Timer offer Save $80

These Insulated & Blackout Window Covers are designed to give your van complete privacy and to block 95% of UV Rays keeping your van at the perfect temperature year-round

Grab Your Blackout Privacy Shades Today

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